Murder Mysteries


Following on from the success of the BBC's adaptation of Agatha Christie's Ordeal By Innocence we are now running Murder Mystery evenings and weekends in the Ardgowan! 


During 2017/18 Ardgowan was transformed into Sunnypoint, the stately home of the Argyll Family, where old grievances and bad blood boil over with murderous consequences... Come and relive the magic in it's original setting, and see if you can survive the night...

 For Evening bookings, and further information, please contact the Estate Office on 01475 521 656 or email us on 

For Weekend bookings please email or see the for more information



We offer two different formats of Murder Mystery to suit the tastes, predilections and budgets of our victims: an evening event centred around a dinner and a more immersive experience played out over the course of a weekend...

Both types involve a plotline designed to keep you contantly looking over your shoulder, so keep a keen eye out for clues and dust off the deetstalker - there's a killer amongst us...

Designed to provide you and your friends with a truly memorable experience of quality entertainment, Ardgowan is the perfect setting for the classic whodunnit

Laugh and cry as the mayhem unfolds but most of all, prepare yourself for the unexpected. Minimum booking numbers of 10+ people apply.

The Evening Event 

Arriving in times for drinks before dinner, Guests will be introduced to the characters  and be brought up to speed with the events that have led to their arrival. The scene will be set and the plot will be thickened as guests have to work out who to trust...

As the night wears on, a murder will take place, clues will be dropped and allegations made before you will be asked to review the evidence, point fingers and hopefully catch the killer before they strike again

A Fully interactive, live action experience played out in realtime by a cast of trained actors using the house as the set, guests will be skillfully guided through the story via every twist and turn 

After Dinner there will be the classic Christie Denoument where the murderer amingst us will be unmasked

THE Weekend EVENT 

Conceived in partnership with award winning immersive storytellers Reuben Feels, guests spend the entire weekend at Ardgowan immersed in a bespoke immersive tale of muarder and mystery.

Framed around a lavishly catered country house weekend, including a shoot, guests will be transported back to the 1920's, the last true era of aristocracy when jobs were considered vulgar and the only thing to fill the time was scandal

Each piece is bespoke, and each character inspired by descriptions of the guests provided by the host to make this experience truly unique to your group

Guests are guided through the narrative by an ensemble of actors as well as discreet clues littered throughout the weekend in an extraordinary game of cat and mouse

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